Pacific Social

Social GIF

Available to both Instagram and Facebook, our Social Gifs are a creative and engaging way to natively integrate a client’s product into a setting our audience’s both recognize and resonates with. Created & shot in-house, we’re able to drive value and give context to a product by placing it in this exciting video flat-lay format. Utilizing both typography and graphics, we’re able to inform and engage our audiences with a brands key messaging natively, through the lens of our titles.

Video Amplification

Our high impact video offering is a great way to increase brand awareness through the native lens of our brands.  By immersing our audiences in a compelling story, we can easily integrate the client’s key messaging and ultimately encourage our audiences to engage with the content and drive them to act.

Shoppable Collection

This immersive, mobile-only ad format combines the power of our premium Custom Product Placements alongside e-comm functionalities to create a shoppable hub for our audiences to engage directly with the product. Brands can showcase multiple products in a format that links directly through to a clients website.

Premium E-Commerce Canvas

Housed on Facebook, this mobile-only experience is the perfect way to get our audiences to instantly interact and engage with a brand story in an immersive setting.

Utilizing our in-house design team, we’re able to create a completely customizable content hub in-line with the objective of a campaign. Through the combination of video content, still images, carousel product catalogs, and call-to-action buttons, we encourage our audience to purchase client products showcased within the canvas.

Pick Your Path Canvas

Taking our canvas offering to the next level, we have created our own iteration with our Pick-Your-Path canvas. Through asking our audience a series of questions, we are able to present highly relevant content, specifically tailored depending on the answers they give. By utilizing the trend of gamification, can create highly engaging content whilst delivering a fun experience that encourages our audience to play with our content for longer.

Instagram Stories

Snackable, engaging and relevant, Instagram stories allow audiences to interact with a clients product in a fun & creative manner. With swipe-up functionality to online content, stories are a seamless integration in-feed to drive client messaging in an editorial environment.

Pinterest Board

Our client’s beautiful imagery can be used to inspire creativity for our audiences through a sponsored Pinterest board. Through multiple images, we can not only curate a themed board to natively integrate client product but, the functionality encourages users to pin this content onto their own boards too.

TikTok Tips

Leveraging the consistent trend of hack and tip-based content on TikTok, we have created our TikTok Tips product to show our audiences ways to #liveyourbestlife. Always in a playful delivery, we will integrate client products into a tip or hack-based video to inform our audiences of our client’s products in a meaningful way to Pacific’s Gen Z audiences.

TikTok LOLs

We have created our TikTok LOLs product to allow for maximum editorial creativity, never sticking to a particular formula but always creating highly entertaining native content. Our TikTok creators will produce anything from a challenge to a video meme or anything in between – creating the perfect short-form entertainment based video to show client product in the most meaningful way on the platform.

TikTok Trends

Trends on TikTok change and evolve every day, and staying ahead of these trends is what we do best. Our TikTok Trends offering has been created to enable our clients to jump on these trends with us, as they happen. Our clients send us three different products, and we will integrate them into viral trends in the most meaningful way for our clients and audiences over the course of a three month period and guarantee 1 million impressions across the three videos.

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