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Seven News is available on Apple News, and it is the easiest way to stay up to date
with the news and information that matter most, with a seamless reading
experience across all your devices.


Apple News Outstream video ads will display in both portrait and landscape device UI orientations.
Specifications are optimised for all supported devices. Only one set of assets is needed for all iOS and macOS
devices. Video assets uploaded to Workbench will be transcoded to support the various devices and
network bandwidth requirements.


  • Celtra
  • Dianomi
  • Flashtalking
  • Innovid
  • Kargo
  • Sizmek
  • Teads
  • Transmit.Live
  • Unruly


DeviceiPhone/iPod touchiPad/Mac


Aspect Ratio16:9 (720p minimum)
Video CodecH.264
Video Bitrate600-800kbps (recommended)
Audio CodecUncompressed
Audio Sample Rate44.1kHz (minimum)
Duration5 seconds minimum, 15 seconds maximum
Max File Size250MB (MOV, M4V, MP4)
SSL RequirementsAll assets must be securely served (https://)
For submission guidelines, SWM’s acceptance policy and Advertiser responsibilities, please refer to this link.
To view our Privacy Policy, please follow this link.


There are multiple predefined CTA options to choose from within Workbench:

  • Buy Now
  • Download Now
  • Learn More
  • Read More
  • Subscribe Now
  • View More

French CTAs are also available when creating ads in French.

Note that the multiple CTAs listed above are only available in Workbench. Outstream video ads booked on
Google Ad Manager will only support the Learn More CTA.

UI elements and CTA will appear at the beginning of the video for two secs before fading out. They can be brought
back on screen when a user taps the video area.

Note that outstream video ads are available on iOS 11.3 and later.


  • VAST tags are supported for devices running iOS 12 and later.
  • Ad formats are supported for Google Ad Manager:
    Outstream video ad specs
  • Only VAST 2.0 and 3.0 tags containing linear ads and skippable linear ads are supported.
  • Progressive loading only.
  • Apple IPs (17.*) Allow Listed or not blocked.
  • VPAID, VAST 1.0, VAST 4.0 tags aren’t supported.
  • VAST tags aren’t supported for Google Campaign Manager on Apple News.
  • HTTPS protocol is required.
  • Macros embedded within ad or VAST tags aren’t supported and should be removed from tags for use on Apple News.
    Macros usually begin with a % sign. These will not be expanded and may cause the tags to function incorrectly.
  • Must follow full Apple News specs available via this link here.


  • Approved vendors third-party impression and click tracking tags are also accepted.
  • The impression tracker cannot redirect to another vendor’s pixel URL i.e to a survey pixel.

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