Sponsored Native Content Guidelines


Below are the guidelines by which Seven West Media WA sell, creative, and approve sponsored native content for use on our properties.


Sponsored native content refers to content that is fully or partly funded by a brand or business and created in partnership with Seven West Media WA.

The brand partner (client) is involved in the production process. This often starts with the brand partner providing information about their brand values and business and objectives in the way of a briefing form. Our native content studio, Seven West MINT, will use its expertise to create the content. Throughout this process MINT will provide brand partners with concepts, ideas, and drafts for approval, based on the requirements of the execution.

The content is produced by the Seven West MINT to natively match the form, feel and tone of the content platform on which it is published. Content will clearly marked as ‘sponsored’ with the paying client presented as the ‘brand partner’

Sponsored native content must adhere to these Sponsored Native Content Guidelines to ensure three things: value for audience, value for the sponsoring brand, and value for the content platform.


Is the content valuable for the audience?

  • The story (whether an article, immersive feature, video, graphic or other) is engaging for the audience. The content must be entertaining, informative, inspiring or useful.
  • The story connects to the needs, wants, interests and/or passions of the audience.
  • The story is produced to the highest quality, including:
  • Free from typos and spelling errors.
  • Correct use of grammar, relative to the tone of content style.
  • Aligned with the respective platform’s style guide (i.e. the way captions written, the correct use of tenseand grammar) 
  • Quality visuals, relative to the content style.
  • The content is correctly disclosed as ‘Sponsored’
  • The story is compelling enough to stand as engaging content even without the brand partner. g. If the paying brand partner were to be removed, would the content still make sense and still be appealing?
  • The story is free of price points and calls to action within the body copy. In articles and Immersive Features, the brand partner may use the 50 word brand summary at the bottom of the article to advertise itself as well as the exclusive use of display ad creative around the article. MINT may produce display ad creative but additional costs and timelines may apply.
  • Publish times and dates for any paid content may be shifted to accommodate breaking news from editorial.
  • The brand partner is clearly identified in at least two places outside of the body content.
  • In articles and immersive features, this is typically the byline at the top of the article and the brand summary at the bottom of the content.
  • For social native videos this is typically the title frame near the beginning of the content and the end frame.
  • In sponsored Facebook posts, the brand partner is tagged using Facebook’s brand partner tool.

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