Approved Ad Vendors

Below is the 3rd Party Vendor Acceptance Matrix details of permitted vendors allowed and format requirements based on creative type.

Third Party Vendor Acceptance Matrix

Vendor Standard Non-Expandable Tracking VAST VPAID
Rich Media (Click and Impression)
Google Campaign Manager Yes Yes (Approval required) Yes Yes Yes
Innovid Yes Yes (Approval required) Yes Yes Yes
Sizmek Yes Yes (Approval required) Yes Yes Yes
Adform Yes Yes (Approval required) Yes No No
IAS Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Moat Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Celtra Yes Yes (Approval required) Yes Yes Yes
Bonzai Yes Yes (Approval required)  Yes Yes Yes
Playground XYZ Yes Yes (Approval required)  Yes
Kerv Yes Yes
Brightline Yes

Pixel and Survey

  • All research pixels and surveys must be approved by SWM.
  • If pixels or surveys are desired for a campaign, SWM must be informed at the time of booking.
  • Invitations must be frequency capped at once per user per day or less.
  • Data gathered from SWM users must not violate our Privacy Policy.

Please note:

  • Please be sure to submit the correct tag format for the creative you wish to serve, such as iFrame tag for all standard and non-expandable Rich Media creative and script format tags for expandable/OTP type creatives etc.
  • We do not allow any files from other domains other than approved vendors. Our cross domain policy does however, allow for XML files provided and they are submitted to SWM for security checks.
  • In addition to hosting, SWM does not permit the use of click and impression tracking from non-approved vendors. (Please note that this does not include tracking systems that append parameters to the destination URL, such as Google Analytics).
  • SWM does not permit any change to creative assets behind 3rd party tags or to the tag set-up once they have gone live unless arrangements are made with SWM.
  • All material, including creative assets, pixels or beacons, that is eligible to serve on the SWM network must be SSL compliant.

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Approved Vendors



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